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Trinity College London

CertTESOL in Thailand

Best way to brighten your English teaching career professionally & globally

Trinity College London is a leading provider of qualifications for teachers in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). It has been validating courses and awarding qualifications, for over 35 years, and the Trinity CertTESOL is among the most widely recognised and respected qualifications in the industry.

With Trinity CertTESOL, you will be recognised as a well-qualified English teacher by the international schools and educational establishments around the world, including the British Council.

Our course opens for people who have never had teaching experience before, and who are not English native speakers, so you can apply to our course without any worry.

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I really like the training here. It was a lot of practice. At the first week, we were able to observe some of the lessons, so it was nice that we could see where we were going to teach, and that we did not start teaching straight away. We had started with the 20-minute session. Just practice and see how that went and then afterwards you’re doing the hours and that was really fun. The schools are nice and the children are really nice and friendly. So, for me with no teaching experience, that was a nice way to start. The surrounding of the school is very nice. I’ve been to the national park. The night market is really nice.

Saskia Nicholson, from United Kingdom

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