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Why teach in Thailand?

A new experience of learning, travel to amazing places, cheap cost of living. All of these are what you can expect if you come to study the Trinity CertTESOL in Thailand.


As well as having a great learning experience with us in Thailand, there are also beautiful locations waiting for you to discover! You can explore many different places and learn about different cultures in Thailand.


The relaxed and easy-going lifestyle of Thailand is perfect for people wanting to escape the stresses of a fast-paced lifestyle often found in the West.


From the shopping and nightlife of Bangkok to the beautiful beach areas, mountainous regions of the North and vast national parks, Thailand has something for everyone. No matter where you are based in Thailand you are never far from a beautiful spot.

Accommodation, transport and entertainment are cheap. Outside of Bangkok, most people can live quite comfortably, travel and still save money while still having the opportunity to travel around on weekends and holidays.


Thais have a reputation for being some of the most fun-loving, easy-going and tolerant people in the world and will welcome you to their hometowns


As well as the many many beautiful spots for you to travel to, Thailand also has a worldwide reputation for amazing food. We have so many wonderful food dishes that you must try, such as, Tom Yum Kung, Som Tam, Mango with sticky rice and many many more.


Travel in Thailand is so easy and cheap! You can travel around by bus, train, van, airplane or Tuk Tuk!

Pak Chong
A paradise of nature

Pak Chong is a popular tourist destination especially for Thais. There are many beautiful places for you to relax and travel around and one of the popular places is the Khao Yai National Park.


Khao Yai National Park is the third largest national park in Thailand. It is one of the most impressive national parks in Thailand.  it is relatively easy to see some impressive animals that still roam wild in the park. 


There are beautiful waterfalls to admire (including the famous jump from 'The Beach'). If you are interested in seeing wildlife or walking trails it is recommended to book a wildlife tour. A guided tour will make it possible to walk longer trails in the jungle and see more of the elusive animals such as wild elephants, monkeys, bats and a few elusive tigers...


As well as Khao Yai national park, Pak Chong also has many places to travel too. There have adventure places waiting for you to travel.

For café hopping, there are many cafés near Khao Yai national park that have wonderful coffee and beautiful place.

Living in Pak Chong is also convenient. It has malls and supermarkets for you to buy everything that you will need. You can find foods easily from markets and restaurants as well as the famous night market. In your free time, you can move around by 'songthaew' (local transport).


Accommodation around our training centre

There are many hotels and guest houses around Khao Yai and Pak Chong town. Hotels are of a good standard and Thailand is known around the world for its hospitality and friendly staff.

A private room will range from 500 to 2,000 baht and up per night. (15 to 60 USD)

If you would like us to coordinate your accommodation, we can advise and help you with the booking process.

On training days, we provide free safe transportation for our trainees between the accommodation and the training centre. We also arrange free transportation to your teaching practice sessions from the training centre to the local schools or businesses where your teaching practice is held. Of course, you are always accompanied by a trainer for this.

Our fully equipped training centre is comprises of training rooms, classrooms, a kitchen area, computers, wi-fi internet, photocopy facilities and resources for lesson preparation.

​Our Trinity training centre is located 150 km from Bangkok, on the outskirts of the beautiful Khao Yai National Park. There are many activities to participate in during free time including cycling, kayaking, swimming and golf. We can arrange trekking in the national park or a visit to the local vineyards.

Options for your accommodation on our Trinity CertTESOL course in Thailand


For transport, there are pick-up taxis called “Song Thaew” for you to travel around the town, the price is just 10 baht per person per round. Or use a taxi service that our staff can help you reserve in advance. 

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