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Enhance your English teaching career professionally and globally

Our Trinity CertTESOL course takes 130 hours, with five mandatory units and teaching practice, which incorporates all the required learning components. You will participate in daily input sessions conducted by our qualified trainers who are always on site to assist you out during the course. Your observed teaching practice will take place in real schools and workplace environments, where you will have the opportunity to develop your skills within a supportive group of peers and trainers.

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Our course units: what you will learn and experience 

Our course units

Teaching Skills

You will receive input sessions that cover methodology, classroom management skills, lesson planning, a variety of teaching techniques, young learners, adapting course books, and the teaching of listening, speaking, reading and writing in a communicative context. All of the input sessions for this unit will be delivered via a combination of lectures, demonstrations and workshop forms of presentation. You will learn to self-evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and how you are developing as a teacher.

Input sessions in Trinity CertTESOL Course
Teaching Practice in the Trinity CertTESOL course

Teaching Practice

All trainees will teach for 6 observed hours. Teaching practice starts during the first week of the course. This allows you adequate time to digest the initial input sessions and plan for your first lesson. You will be split into teaching groups so that you can assist and support each other with planning, and observe your fellow trainees when they teach. You will teach students from beginner to pre-intermediate levels, while being observed by a course tutor. After your lesson you will be given feedback and guidance by the tutors. Our next round of teaching practice classes runs from the 4th to 16th September 2023.

Language Awareness

This unit aims to teach you how to recognize the relationship between the form and function of grammar. For example, the grammatical form of the word table is a noun, while run is a verb, and short is an adjective. Form is sometimes called ‘parts of speech’. Grammatical function describes how a word works in a sentence. For example, the boy kicked the ball. The word boy is functioning as the subject of the sentence. For second language learners, when grammar is placed in a communicative context, it helps add structure to their thoughts and how best to express them. You will also study phonology, and learn techniques to help make students’ pronunciation of words sound more natural.

Language Awareness helps you understand your learners more.
Learner Profile is important for our Trinity CertTESOL course.

Learner Profile

You will work closely with one student to build up a profile of their language strengths and weaknesses. After interviewing the student and gathering language samples, you will then prepare and teach a lesson based on the student’s language needs.

Materials Assignment

You will receive input on the design and adaptation of teaching materials. Based on this input, you will be expected to create a range of teaching materials that cover the four skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing for use - during your teaching practice sessions. You will then have to select a piece of material as the focus for a written assignment.

Learn how to make your own teaching materials suitable for your students.
Unknown Language on our Trinity CertTESOL course

Unknown Language

You will experience what it is like to be a student of an unknown language at a beginner level. You will be encouraged to reflect upon the communicative nature of the lessons, and how the teaching techniques helped you learn the target language.

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