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Teaching in Thailand

After completing the Trinity CertTESOL, if you decide to teach in Thailand, our partners tesoltree can help you from the start.


tesoltree are not only committed to providing great English education to the students but we also want the time you are working in Thailand to be enjoyable and rewarding.


 tesoltree has over 20 years experience of hiring teachers and managing English language programs within Thailand.


tesoltree was set up to ensure the delivery of quality English Programs and effective training programs within the Thai educational system.


Over the years, Trinity CertTESOL has worked with tesoltree to enable better English learning for thousands of Thai students. Our teachers have been assigned positions in International schools, Bi-lingual programs and many regular school programs around Thailand.


We are committed to providing a unique and enjoyable experience for our teachers while striving for better English learning for our learners.

Teaching in Thailand gives you the chance to experience teaching in a new environment. It is a mixture of a learning and cultural experience for both the teacher and their students.


Teachers will often have the opportunity to work with learners of all ages and develop a sense of what age groups and levels they are comfortable teaching. New teachers are often unsure of what age groups they prefer to work with and appreciate the opportunity to try a variety of classes.


Teachers are expected to be able to deliver creative and engaging lessons. Successful teachers bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm into the classroom. Whilst they take their teaching seriously, it is also very important that teachers can develop professionally and enjoy their time in the in the classroom.


Thai children start school at a young age, so most students are very familiar with the routine of school and know exactly what is expected of them. Respect for elders is a mainstay of Thai culture, so you likely won't spend much time on discipline: instead, you can get down to the fun stuff, interesting activities,  motivating lessons, and positive learning.

To ensure the quality of your teaching, we can provide you with the materials and resources you need to be successful at your job. We are invested in your overall experience and development as well as the quality of the teaching.

A great benefit of being a teacher in Thailand is that you can have a good work life balance. Most teachers at tesoltree can live quite comfortably and still save money while having the opportunity to travel around on weekends and holidays. Thailand has something for everyone. No matter where you are based in Thailand you are never far from a beautiful spot.

Visit the website for more information about continuing your journey in Thailand after completing your Trinity CertTESOL.  
Or take a look at some reviews from our teachers! 

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