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Is the Trinity CertTESOL course for me?

The Trinity certTESOL is designed for those with little or no experience of teaching ESOL. It is available to anyone who is attracted to the English language teaching profession, either as a long-term career or for a shorter period to help them travel the world and experience life in different cultures. Typically, the Cert TESOL attracts:


4-week courses


"These courses are run by Cambridge (CELTA), Trinity College (TESOL) and numerous self-accrediting organisations. CELTA and Trinity are the main ones and if you are going to invest in a 4-week course, I would make sure it is one of these. 

The 4 week-course involves a more in-depth study of what you would find on a shorter course. There will be assignments as well as 6 hours of teaching practice and many more of observing other teachers. Since the courses are more rigorous and demanding, the pass rate is a lot lower than that of shorter courses.

Why take this course? Some will take the 4-week course as a first qualification to make themselves more competitive in the job market. However, many take the CELTA/Trinity course as a way to hone their skills of ELT teaching, as well as building their CVs and experience. Many schools in the UK ask for CELTA/Trinity qualifications as a minimum."

  •     Newly graduated students

  •     People who plan to start a career in TESOL

  •     People already working in the field of TESOL   

  •     Gap year students

  •     Teachers of other subjects

  •     People of all ages who wish to teach and travel

  •     People for whom English is not their native language

  •     Retirees seeking a new challenge

Trinity College London 

On completion of the course each trainee will receive the globally reccognised certificate from Trinity College London 

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