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"There's a chance you could fail..."

This might not seem to be an ideal marketing strategy for attracting potential trainees to Trinity CertTESOL courses such as ours. However, the fact that success is not automatically guaranteed is by itself a powerful statement of the quality of these courses.

Why should turning up for a TESOL course and teaching a few hours, learning a bit of grammar and knowing a few classroom tricks automatically result in a teaching certificate? Of course nowadays there are plenty of TEFL courses where this can be achieved. And there is often the promise of guaranteed work once the course is over, possibly in the local school round the corner.

But these kinds of courses will only get you so far. Often lacking international recognition, they might not fully prepare you for all the lesson planning, language structures or teaching methods needed further along in your career.

Students can be merciless, sniffing out teachers who may lack this knowledge, often voting with their feet or voicing disapproval with those who employ you. Or you may be wondering why the students never seem to understand what you are trying to teach. It can't always be because of them, can it?

So, why take a course where your certificate is not guaranteed?


Firstly there is the real knowledge gained through your four weeks of planning classes, teaching, observing and input sessions. Then there is also the chance to develop your grammar and pronunciation skills. You will have the constant support and guidance of our dedicated trainers, who will be there to advise you when you most need advice. And finally our enthusiastic support team who will ensure your month-long stay goes as smoothly as possible.

There is a reason that the Trinity College London CertTESOL is recognised worldwide and it’s not because you can just show up and be handed your certificate.



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