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1. The online component

What is included in the online component fee?

  • Access our online component with no time limit

  • All required course materials to successfully complete the course

  • Personal and peer input online sessions via face to face and forums

  • Full online support from our trainers and staff

  • Experienced Trinity trainers to advise you with tasks and lesson preparation both online and onsite


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699 US Dollars

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589 Euros

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2. The onsite component 

What is included in the onsite component fee?

  • Classroom observation and feedback sessions

  • Teaching practice in a real classroom environment

  • Onsite input sessions for 11 days (Click to see the sample schedule)

  • Extensive textbook and resource library

  • Moderation and course feedback session with Trinity College London

  • An internationally recognised Trinity College CertTESOL certificate

  • Transportation to and from and around the centre

  • Accommodation booking advice and assistance  

Experience 11 days onsite input sessions in the beautiful Khao Yai National Park area of Thailand

Please make the payment 28 days before arrival in Thailand.

949 US Dollars

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810 Euros

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Our next course will be confirmed soon

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Online Study

Also available:
The fully online component

What is included in the fully online component fee?

  • Live sessions with trainers

  • Externally assessed and moderated by an official Trinity College appointed moderator

  • Trainer attention, support and guidance

  • Learn transferable techniques and skills which will prepare you for teaching in a virtual classroom and a physical classroom

  • Trinity CertTESOL certificate

  • EBC International TEFL Certificate

325 Euros for deposit
865 Euros for final payment

1,190 Euros

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